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Creative logo design for new Hampshire based company

Logo design   /   Brand direction   /   Print   /   Bespoke visual assets

A new company, located in Hampshire, asked us to design a logo and advise with the brand direction for a new luxury powerboat they were planning to launch. The design would encapsulate their vision and values for their new venture.

Discovery stage

As this was a new company and a new product, we met with the directors and visited their workshops in Hampshire to get an idea of the brief and to see the designs of the powerboat which was under development.

We researched similar companies to get an idea of the market and to see how the brands and visuals of the more successful manufacturers were being used. We also carried out a questionnaire with speedboat owners to increase our understanding of watersports enthusiasts.

Design and development

We looked at intelligent use of design which was needed to deliver across a range of products from display and print to online. We agreed that the new logo needed to convey speed across water, should be smart with clean lines and easy to reproduce. Following early discussions, we explored a range of blues and produced a selection of shades with the favourite being a Mediterranean shade which was both rich in colour and strong in comparison to other hues. This shade worked well on white but was equally at home on black and shades of grey.

A number of different logo styles were presented but it was a unanimous decision to use a bold typeface to emphasise the company name and a split wave curve. This wave conveyed the appearance of a powerful craft cutting swiftly through the water with ease.

Brand direction

As this was a new company we could only offer advice with regards to the brand direction and their need to engage and value their own vision for their brand as they progressed with their ideas and put their development and marketing plans into action. They appear engaging to customers and to provide them with the basis for developing a strong brand for their new business.