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Website design & development

Beautiful websites designed and built by our in-house team

Beautiful websites are designed and built by our in-house team resonating with customers and engaging them with your products and services.

Fresh ideas, responsive designs and dynamic e-commerce lines will increase your online marketing prospects and your brand awareness. Bespoke designs ensure that your images, typography, fonts and branding, blend seamlessly to create a user experience which fully reflects your brand values.


  • - Digital strategy
  • - Customer research
  • - Industry research
  • - Analytics / SEO


  • - Mobile Responsive Design
  • - Direction
  • - User Experience
  • - Content creation


  • - Front end development
  • - Content management systems
  • - Creative development
  • - E-commerce

Design & development

We take the same approach to design whether we are starting a new project online or in print. The end product will deliver a great experience and convince your customers to respond through actions and transactions.

It has become increasingly important to enrich the user experience and understand the customer journey whether they are seeking advice, products, information, services, entertainment or more, as this is certainly relevant to the success of the project.

Mobile / Responsive website design

Our creative team design websites that not only look great but are engaging, responsive (mobile friendly) and fully reflect our clients' brands.

Mobile responsive sites have increased in importance and are not only an essential element of the customers’ buying journey but encourage brand loyalty.

Responsive design is now a standard feature for any new website design as Google penalises websites in search that are not mobile friendly. The alternative, which is frequently the choice of a number of airlines and travel companies, are adaptive sites. These are developed in addition to their main sites and have specific functionality, verging on an app and certainly a more expensive option.

E-commerce website design

Fine Marketing can set up a powerful, SEO-friendly online store with built-in inventory management and product shipping details. This means that your customers can benefit from real time shipping estimates direct from the shipper including UPS, FedEx and DHL. Management of digital product downloads and a range of global payment gateways can also be set-up to offer a great online store experience.

Sales opportunities can be boosted with discount codes, gift vouchers, referral tracking and affiliate programmes which all work to improve sales figures.

We can automate recurring orders if this feature is supported by your payment gateway. This provides the facility for an on-going subscription service and allows the sales of products with build-in recurrence.

User experience

Fine Marketing designs digital products and services that will essentially meet the needs of your customers. Ideally involving you, your staff and your customers in the design process either at the research stage, with surveys or focus groups, or as part of the brainstorming. However, our experience proves that each project is very different and budgets and timetables can sometimes rule out suggested guidelines.